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Troubleshooting Tips for Your Aga

Amy Willcock. Troubleshooting Tips for Your Aga Authors:Amy Willcock.
Publisher:Ebury Press
Price:880 rub.

Book Summary:
More than just a cooker, this stored-heat oven is a style statement and a way of life. But Agas are notoriously tricky to master. What do you cook where? How do you control heat loss? How do you bake the perfect cake? Amy Willcock answers all these questions and many more. From advice on temperature and timings to vital cooking equipment, to cleaning and servicing, and even using an Aga for more than just cooking, this is the top book of tips for every Aga owner. Amy also answers the most Frequently Asked Questions about Agas, with a general troubleshooting guide to cover every eventuality.

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